5 Ginger Remedies for Period Cramps Relief

Discover 5 simple and effective ginger remedies for period cramps relief, from tea, to syrup, poultices, compresses, and a foot soak.

Do you suffer from menstrual pain every month? Are you looking for an affordable, easy remedy that won’t take long to prepare, and that won’t generate any plastic waste? Check out the 5 ginger recipes for period cramps relief that we use on a monthly basis to curb period pain.

Period Cramps – When to Speak with your Doctor

During your period, prostaglandins in your body trigger the uterine muscles to contract to shed their lining. The more prostaglandins you have, the more severe the cramps tend to be. Painful periods are very common, and can vary from simply being annoying to being debilitating, lasting anywhere from 8 hours to 3 full days. Severe throbbing or cramping pain actually interferes with the daily activities of up to 20 percent of women.

In fact, you should always report this pain to your gynecologist, because painful periods may be associated to endometriosis, ovarian cysts, or uterine fibroids, for example. If you don’t have a history of menstrual pain, but have started having painful periods, all the more reason to go see a doctor to determine whether there may be a more serious underlying cause.

Ginger Health Benefits For Period Cramps Relief

Ginger is often used to ease cramps because it helps with inflammation and pain. One study found taking ginger powder 4 times a day for 3 days at the start of menstruation to be just as effective as ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory medication in relieving menstrual cramps. Another study found the severity and duration of the pain to be decreased when taking ginger powder as opposed to a placebo.

5 Ginger Remedies for Period Cramps Relief

Here are 5 ways to prepare ginger to help you with your menstrual cramps. Make sure to run these herbal medicines by your doctor first, as these are not a replacement for pharmaceuticals. Read our Health Disclaimer.

1. Ginger Tea for Period Cramps Relief

Make a ginger tea with fresh ginger, and add freshly cut lemon. You could even add lemongrass, rose, Angelica (Angelica archangelica), or cinnamon (Cinnamomi Ceylon). Make sure to be familiar with the safety profiles of these plants first.

Ginger tea:

  • Chop up ginger into thin slices
  • Pour boiling water over the ginger
  • Let steep for 15 minutes
  • Add honey and lemon (optional)

2. Ginger Syrup for Period Cramps Relief

Make an herbal syrup which you can take by the spoonful or add to your tea as sweetener.


  • Grate about ¼ cup of ginger and place it in a pan.
  • Add about ¼ cup of honey.
  • Let it simmer until the ginger gets soft (about 10 minutes).
  • Transfer the syrup with the ginger bits into your Mason jar and refrigerate it. Consume within 2 weeks.

3. Ginger Poultice for Period Cramps Relief

Make a ginger poultice to warm and stimulate the area that is cramping.


  • Grate about ½ cup of ginger
  • Add boiling water to make a paste.
  • Take a cloth and soak it in boiling water.
  • Put the ginger paste on the cloth, then fold the cloth over it
  • Once it’s cooled off a bit, apply it to the area where you are cramping.
  • To help the poultice stay warm, you can apply a hot water bottle on top of it or a DIY Heating Pack.

4. Ginger Compress for Period Cramps Relief

A similar idea is to make a compress by soaking a cloth in ginger tea and applying it to your pelvis or stomach.


  • Make a strong ginger tea
  • Soak the cloth in the tea & wring it out
  • Apply it warm to the affected area. Use a hot water bottle to keep it warm.

5. Ginger Foot Soak for Period Cramps Relief

A foot soak can help you relax and ease menstrual pain. If you’ve made your ginger tea, make a larger quantity of it, make extra strong, add some Epsom salts. Once it’s ready, put it in a bucket, make sure it’s not burning hot, and soak your feet in it.

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