Student Withdrawal and Dismissal Policy




If you enrolled in any of our courses and are not satisfied, contact us by email within 30 days of your purchase to request a refund and we will issue you a full refund. Explain in your email why you were not satisfied so that we can improve the course offerings. We do not offer refunds after the initial 30 days trial period.


Permacrafters reserves the right to dismiss any student, including terminating access to all or any portion of the website, for violation of the Website Terms and Conditions or other policies or rules set forth by Permacrafters. Reasons for dismissal include but are not limited to comments that are deemed abusive, discriminatory, or hateful or activities that are or seem to be in violation of the law. Any other conduct which interferes with the educational aspect of the program or which hurts or threatens the welfare of staff or students may be cause for dismissal as well. There will be no refund of any fees paid by a student in the event of dismissal.

Last revised: {March/6/2018}