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“I’ve been dabbling in herbalism, and the menstrual cramp pain reliever is the latest in a long line of plant medicines I’ve learned how to make and enjoy. Super ultra grateful for the wise women at Permacrafters for infusing so much love into this fantastic resource. The Permacrafters Eco-Citizen School is my favorite resource for learning about how to make this lifestyle work. Their hands-on approach goes way beyond the ordinary tutorial, and the practical applications for all the DIYs are endless. I’ve found myself wanting to make everything they demonstrate — and inspired to use my new knowledge in other ways too! And yes, I’m also here for the humor.”

Allison K.

“I highly recommend Permacrafters’ Eco-Citizen School as an informative and inspiring look at low-waste living. The courses are an absolute joy to complete. Cristina & Christelle’s conversational tone make it feel like you’re listening to a friend chatting when watching the videos. If you’re curious about living in a sustainable way, Permacrafters’ Eco-Citizen School will help inspire and educate in a joyful, uplifting way.”

Leah Payne

“The Eco-Citizen School has inspired so many positive changes in my life. Even with a hectic and busy schedule I’ve come to enjoy the pleasure of growing my own sprouts and microgreens, composting my food scraps, and making some of my cleaning products. But most important, its lessons have taught me the relevance and significance behind those changes, turning them into sustainable commitments.”

Silvana F.

“Taking Permacrafters’ zero waste period class completely blew my mind. Having always been interested in period poverty, I was looking for simple, quick and effective solutions. This class inspired me to start my own sustainable line of reusable pads to provide to under-resourced populations in rural Peru. Permacrafters have taught me so much in just one course, and I really appreciate how involved they are with their students. Answering questions and concerns at all times, I really felt like I was talking to friends.”

Thais R.

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