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Welcome to Permacrafters! Discover new skills for everyday eco-friendly living. Redesign your lifestyle within the framework of permaculture, as you adopt new habits, grow your own food, and learn to craft your own cleaners, body care products, medicine, and more.

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Gardening is one of those wonderful subjects that Christelle, the “Permamacita”, most wishes she had learned in school. With a little effort and patience, she’s turning her brown thumb into a green one. If she can successfully grow sprouts, vegetables and mushrooms, anyone can!


We dream of living off the grid and meeting all of our energy needs. Until then, we work on bettering ourselves every day to make conscious changes to live a more sustainable life, and to “love harder” in this crazy world, as Cristina says. And we’ve been meeting pretty fantastic people along the way!


Concocting homemade herbal remedies and soothing teas, crafting safe body care products, and creating nontoxic cleaning products from scratch – these are a few of our favorite things!

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We love honoring wholesome food that’s grown with care for the Earth and that nourishes our body and soul… especially sweet treats! Cristina’s mom and grandma, two fabulous ladies, turn every family meal into a food festival! They inspired her to develop her own expression of ‘lovemade’ meals: 80% nourishing food, 15% sweet treats and 5% refreshing drinks.


Turning trash into treasure, designing nature-inspired decorations or building nifty tools – this is where our imagination runs free!

Our Courses

Zero Waste School

FREE Trial

Get a taste of the Zero Waste School: a 12-month online video program where you will learn about new eco-topics with every passing season

Intro to Zero Waste Living


Learn about the zero waste movement and the 5Rs (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot). This class also talks about perfection & privilege in regards to living zero waste.

Green Cleaning Challenge


Join our 3-day green cleaning challenge to make your own DIY products. Start your journey to a healthier home & planet!

Sprouting Challenge


Sign up to learn how to grow these baby plants, receive your sprouting routine calendar, and make delicious sprouted hummus and almond milk with us. Ready for some sprouting fun?!

Zero Waste School


Join us on a one year journey to eco-friendly living! With every passing season, learn about a new topic, from zero waste body care, to green cleaning, low-waste menstruation, herbal remedies, sprouting, secondhand living, activism, and so much more!

Green Cleaning minus the Greenwashing B.S.


Learn how to consciously clean your home with safe, zero waste recipes. This class includes over 2 hours of video lessons and tutorials, a 250+ page eBook filled with DIY projects & hacks, checklists, guidelines, and more.

Growing Sprouts & Microgreens at Home


Delve into growing sprouts & microgreens indoors. These plants are nutrient-dense, protein-rich, living foods that can be grown year-round in your home. The course includes 1 hour of video lessons and tutorials, and a 100-page eBook.

Zero Waste Menstruation


Learn about Earth-friendly menstruation options, from cloth pads, cups, period underwear, to the free flow instinct, and more. The course also explores herbal remedies and practices for managing period cramps. It includes over 1 hour of video lessons and tutorials and a 50-page eBook.

Herbal Remedies for Common Ailments


You’ll understand the basics of making your own herbal preparations, including alcoholic and vinegar tinctures, infusions and decoctions, medicinal syrups, lozenges, compresses, poultices, and salves. We’ll make remedies for common ailments, from colds, to pain, to anxiety, and more. The course includes 2 hours of video lessons and tutorials, and a 200-page eBook.

Zero Waste Body Care & Cosmetics


You’ll learn everything you’ve wanted to know about zero waste face care, body care, hair care, dental care, makeup and nail polish, and basic herbal treatments for skin problems. This class includes around 4 hours of video lessons and tutorials, and a 400-page eBook packed with safe DIY recipes

Secondhand Living


This course will touch upon the environmental and financial benefits of buying or acquiring secondhand goods as opposed to new. It will explore the best places and ways to easily obtain secondhand belongings. We’ll even delve into furnishing homes secondhand, raising babies with secondhand goods, and keeping a secondhand wardrobe.

Environmental Activism

Coming Soon

The climate crisis requires unprecedented international changes to take place within the next 11 years to limit the environmental catastrophe. How can we, as activists, influence governments and businesses to make the ambitious changes needed? We’ll explore different ways to be an effective activist.

Our E-book

Green Cleaning minus the Greenwashing B.S.!

Art by Eco with Em

This reference book is your complete guide to natural cleaning in your home. Packed with over 100 zero waste cleaning recipes & hacks, you’ll learn to effectively sanitize your home without compromising your health or trashing the planet! Whether you’re looking for easy & accessible recipes, or you’re ready to go foraging for saponin-rich plants to make your own cleaners, this book walks you through your DIY projects with clear step-by-step instructions.

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5 Ginger Remedies for Period Cramps Relief

Discover 5 simple and effective ginger remedies for period cramps relief, from tea, to syrup, poultices, compresses, and a foot soak.

How to Make Reusable Menstrual Pads

Learn step-by-step how to make reusable menstrual pads for a plastic-free period and healthy planet.

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Ideas

Looking for sustainable gift wrap alternatives today? Our simple zero waste gift-wrapping ideas will help you make a lasting impression without trashing the planet.

40+ Zero Waste Gift Ideas that Aren’t Stuff

These 40+ zero waste gift ideas that aren’t stuff will help you offer your loved-ones a chance to learn, to relax, and so much more!

How to Make Nut Milk from Foraged Hickory Nuts

Learn step-by-step how to make nut milk from foraged hickory nuts this autumn. This warm beverage is a foraged Fall favorite.

Learn about the 12-Month Zero Waste School

With every passing season, learn about a new topic, from zero waste body care, to green cleaning, low-waste menstruation, herbal remedies, sprouting, secondhand living, activism, and so much more!

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