Green Cleaning minus the Greenwashing B.S.


This reference book is your complete guide to natural cleaning in your home. Packed with over 100 zero waste cleaning recipes & hacks, you’ll learn to effectively sanitize your home without compromising your health or trashing the planet! Whether you’re looking for easy & accessible recipes, or you’re ready to go foraging for saponin-rich plants to make your own cleaners, this book walks you through your DIY projects with clear step-by-step instructions.

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Green Cleaning Book




Over 100 DIY recipes & hacks for cleaning

Safely clean your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and living areas.

A complete cleaning program

Includes convenient checklists, schedules, lists of cabinet essentials, a product guide, handy charts, and homeplay exercises.

Zero waste cleaning tips & off-the-grid cleaning skills

You won’t find this much detail in any other cleaning book!


Background on toxic chemicals

Learn about the health risks & environmental pollution of conventional cleaning ingredients.

No more greenwashing B.S.!

We call out ingredients and products falsely advertised as green or safe.
Green Cleaning Book
Green Cleaning Book
Green Cleaning Book
Green Cleaning Book
Green Cleaning Book

“Wow, this was very informative! The workbook is so in-depth and detailed but without going overboard with each topic. Everything is easy to read and straight to the point. I will definitely be saving this to refer to for my natural product DIY journey!”

Kerri Ringrose

“Absolutely brilliant. The course is both very informative and practical. I feel that I have all the elements to start my own little revolution at home. I will definitely take other courses from Christelle (already followed the Introduction to zero waste), because there is so much more to learn!”


“This class was fantastic. I have completed many of the recipes and projects in the course and look forward to trying more. The class goes over a lot of wonderful information and I am excited to use! Looking forward to other classes by the Permacrafters.”

Alyssa Bl.

“This class was everything I was looking for and more! It answered every question I had. So much depth and detail about the ingredients and the recipes gives me confidence to try these ideas. Thanks for a great class!”

Lesley B.

“This is a FANTASTIC class! I gathered several tips and tricks to making my home smell and look clean, without harming the environment. 5 stars!!”

Tatiana M.

“I really enjoyed this class. I have explored natural cleaning products before but I found this very useful. There is tons of information provided in this course which is fantastic for people who want lots of detail, but since it's in a video format and has PDF attachments, it is also great for people who want to keep it simple and get straight to making their own products. I thought it was nice that the course was updated to reflect changes and provide more relevant information. Overall, great class and very easy to implement these ideas in your day-to-day life!”

Alyssa Br.

“Great class! I really enjoyed Christelles's refreshing and fun way of teaching this class”

Gabriela S.

“Very good course, well researched and well presented. Valuable content”

 Ruth T.

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Green Cleaning Ebook
Green Cleaning Ebook
Green Cleaning Ebook
Green Cleaning Ebook
Green Cleaning Ebook
Green Cleaning Ebook