Do you want to experience safe, zero waste periods with Earth-friendly sanitary products and homemade herbal remedies to support you during menstruation?

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Zero Waste Period

This class is for you if


You get periods and you’re ready to ditch single-use plastic-filled menstrual products.  


You want to learn about the ecological and health impacts of menstrual products on the market even alternatives that are seemingly green and harmless.


You want safe, eco-friendly menstrual product alternatives that are suited to your needs and you’re eager for tutorial videos to learn how in the heck to choose & use them.


Menstrual pain is a dang pain in your uterus, and you’re up for science-backed techniques and herbal remedies to curb your symptoms.

Why we created this class

Hi, there! We’re Christelle and Cristina, a.k.a., the Permacrafters! Growing up, we both learned that periods were a topic to tiptoe around. Even period commercials wanted to keep menstruation as discreet as possible – they wouldn’t utter the word ‘period’ or dare to show red blood on the screen.

Well, we’re breaking the dang stigma for three main reasons. First, periods are gosh darn special and not something anyone should ever feel ashamed about. Second, we deserve to have safe menstrual products that do not contain toxic components. And third, the way we are currently managing our periods is trashing the planet, and there are simple solutions to this.

Consider this your updated sex-ed/biology class with innovative sustainable menstruation alternatives that don’t harm the environment. When we first switched to cloth pads and menstrual cups and underwear, we SO wish we had had these tutorial videos available about how to choose our products and how in the world to use them. How do I prevent my cloth pad from slipping? How do I measure my cervix to choose my menstrual cup? How the heck do I take out my cup without it hurting like &^%? Is this hand-knit alpaca-wool tampon in the shape of a rocket safe for me to use?!

In this class, we’ll answer all your questions about finding the best low-waste menstrual products for you. And if you experience PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) or painful periods, you’ll benefit from our section on proven techniques and homemade herbal remedies to support you during menstruation.

To help you in your transition to a safe sustainable menstruation, we’ve gathered the most valuable information for you in this online class: Zero Waste Period.

Imagine if…

you had the peace of mind that the menstrual products or flow management techniques you were using weren’t harming your health or the environment.

you didn’t have to buy sanitary products for the coming decade (and you could spend your savings on umm chocolate!?!)

you had full support to achieve your goals through video tutorials, an e-workbook, and a helpful online community.

Zero Waste Period:

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

We want you to be successful on your journey to having a zero waste period! What are your goals, concerns, or questions?

Module 2: Menstrual Products & their Potential Health Risks

Have you heard about hormone-disrupters and banned pesticides showing up in your tampons or pads? Let’s delve into the facts.

Module 3: Environmental Impacts of Sanitary Products

What’s the damage? Single-use sanitary products result in microplastic pollution, trashed beaches, and they have a large carbon footprint.

Module 4: Reusable Cloth Pads

Day pads, night pads, panty-liners: what to choose, how they work, and how to make sure they’re biodegradable.

Module 5: Period underwear & Removable Inserts

A great low-waste option: we discuss when to use period underwear, and how they compare to cloth pads.

Module 6: Menstrual Cups

We lower the learning curve for using menstrual cups with details on how to choose & use your menstrual cup.

Module 7: Waste-Free Tampons

We explore 100% cotton tampons, cardboard applicators, and reusable applicators. We touch upon sea sponges and knit tampons, explaining the related health concerns.

Module 8: Free Flow Instinct vs. Free Bleeding

With the free flow instinct, you rely on your instincts to tell you when to go to the bathroom to have your period. We draw a comparison to free bleeding.

Module 9: Best Practices to Curb Menstrual Cramps

Delve into science-backed techniques to ease menstrual pain, like topical heat, massage, relaxation and a healthy lifestyle.

Module 10: Pharmaceuticals and Waste

Do you use OTC meds? We discuss ways to minimize packaging waste, dispose of medicine safely, and the dirt on expiration dates.

Module 11: Pain-Relief Moon Tincture

You’ll learn how to make your own menstrual pain relief tincture with herbs that have been scientifically-proven to help ease period pain.

Module 12: Other Herbal Remedies for Menstrual Pain Relief

Learn how to use medicinal herbs to make tea, syrup, a poultice, a compress, and a foot soak to relieve menstrual pain.

Module 13: Honoring Your Period

Let’s break through the period stigma, learn how to appreciate our periods, and even sprinkle in a little moon magic, ya darn hippies.

Module 14: DIY Cloth Pads

Learn how to make your own cloth pads with thrifted fabric, a sewing machine, and a little patience.

Module 15: DIY Rice Socks

Make your own heat pack to aid you during your menstrual cramps. Grab some thrifted socks and bulk rice.

Module 16: Period Travel Kit

Before you go, put together your eco-friendly period travel kit to keep in your bag so that you’re prepped for shark week.

What does this workshop include?

Lifetime access to the video tutorials

for all 16 modules (1 hour)

A 60-page PDF workbook

that contains all the information from modules 1-16.


Review questions

to help you assimilate the class information

Watch the videos on any device.

This online workshop is self-paced. Start whenever you want at your own convenience! The course materials are yours for life.
… and we also have

Access to an exclusive student forum

You will have access to a supportive online community hosted on Facebook to submit your questions and share your successes or difficulties. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get feedback and motivate one another.

Access to workshop updates

As we add content to our workshop over time, you will have access to all updated information.

Meet your instructor
Christelle Siohan

Christelle is a bubbly environmental educator and permaculture instructor who infuses optimism in her classes and laughs at her own jokes. Originally from Geneva, Switzerland, her studies and career have focused on environmental protection. She’s multilingual, a mama (or “Permamacita”), a beekeeper, and a foraging enthusiast with an insatiable curiosity for life. Christelle is passionate about healthy living and that includes having safe eco-friendly periods that don’t trash the planet! 

Still have questions? Send us a message!

Still have questions? Send us a message!

Frequently Asked Questions
How long do I have access to the course for?

How does FOREVER sound? You keep the courses as long as the internet exists.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

Permacrafters does not offer refunds, as stated in our Terms of Use. All sales are final (unless you accidentally purchased the course multiple times). We are a mission-based business that offers accessible pricing, therefore our profit margins are low. In the digital content world, where courses are immediately downloadable, there’s unfortunately a high prominence of content theft through illegitimate refund requests. Our two-person team can’t allocate the time required to keep up with this regrettable trend. 

However, we want to assure you that if there are any updates you wish to see to the course or any additional modules or plant profiles, we will immediately seek to make these improvements. Do not hesitate to ask, because we create new content every week and are constantly updating our courses and adding new video lessons.

To give you further peace of mind, in some cases we can offer exchanges. We are so confident that you will love this course, that if by day 7 you aren’t delighted, you can exchange the course for any of our other courses of equal value.

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