DIY Gift Wrapping | How to Make Homemade Bottle Toppers

Could your DIY gift wrapping routine use a little extra pizzazz? 

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These bottle toppers are a perfect way to snazz up beverage gifts, like a pack of homebrewed beers or kombuchas, homemade cider, or that special bottle of local wine. Are you a fermentation newbie? Follow the instructions by Mother Earth News to make hard cider here. It’s an easy beverage for beginners, absolutely delicious, and your cider bottle will look cute as a button with this bottle topper on it!

Making these bottle toppers is a fun and easy activity for kids to partake in. You might even already have all the materials you’ll need on hand for this DIY gift wrapping project. These bottle toppers also look adorable when dangling from any other kind of homemade present, like a jar of Natural Foot Scrub or a jar of Homemade Pickles.  


  • A cardboard toilet roll, cut into a ¾ inch or 2cm strips
  • Yarn, cut into approx. 25 pieces 1ft or 30cm long – whichever color (or colors) you want!
  • Scissors

Step-by-step instructions:

(use pictures for additional guidance)

  1. Fold a piece of yarn in half. Pass the loop side of the yarn through the cardboard roll, so that the looped yarn comes out on one side, and the yarn tails come out on the other side.

2. Thread the yarn tails over the cardboard and through the loop.

3. Pull tight on the tails to form a knot.

4. Repeat this step, making sure the yard pieces are touching each other.

5. Continue until here is no more room on the cardboard.

6. Take a single piece of yarn and tie all the strands of yarn tightly together, about ¾ inch or 2 cm up from the top of the cardboard.

7. Trim the strands of yarn at the top of the hat to form a pompom or bobble.

8. This is what the final product will look like:

That’s it! Let us know in the comments below what homemade beverage or gift you are decorating with these bottle toppers. Have fun with your DIY gift wrapping ideas this year and enjoy making these bottle toppers and sharing them with your friends & family!


Christelle & Cristina

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Permaculture Principles:

Produce no waste – These bottle toppers are made from recycled toilet rolls and yarn. We hope this project inspires you to avoid wasteful packaging and to make your own homemade gifts and gift-wrapping that are respectful of the planet’s natural resources.

Use Small and Slow Solutions – Instead of rushing to the store to buy packaged gifts that may not be useful, why not slow down to make a meaningful gift yourself? We promise you’ll have more fun in the process!

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