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Green Cleaning minus the Greenwashing B.S.!

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This reference book is your complete guide to natural cleaning in your home. Packed with over 100 zero waste cleaning recipes & hacks, you’ll learn to effectively sanitize your home without compromising your health or trashing the planet! Whether you’re looking for easy & accessible recipes, or you’re ready to go foraging for saponin-rich plants to make your own cleaners, this book walks you through your DIY projects with clear step-by-step instructions.

What does the book include?

Over 100 DIY recipes & hacks for cleaning

in your home safely (incl. kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, living areas)

A complete cleaning program

with convenient checklists, schedules, lists of cabinet essentials, a product guide, handy charts, and homeplay exercises.

Zero waste cleaning tips & off-the-grid cleaning skills

(you won’t find this much detail in any other cleaning book!)


Background on toxic chemicals

in cleaning products & environmental pollution of conventional cleaning ingredients.

No more greenwashing B.S.!

We call out ingredients and products falsely advertised as green or safe.

What people are saying 

about the book  and  online class:

“Wow, this was very informative! The workbook is so in-depth and detailed but without going overboard with each topic. Everything is easy to read and straight to the point. I will definitely be saving this to refer to for my natural product DIY journey!” 

Kerri Ringrose

“This class was everything I was looking for and more! It answered every question I had. So much depth and detail about the ingredients and the recipes. It gives me confidence to try these ideas. Thanks for a great class!” 

Lesley Brereton


The Permacrafters

Cristina & Christelle are environmental educators who run the Permacrafters online school. They teach about nontoxic living, green life hacks, and home DIY projects. They’ve created a video course on cleaning to accompany this handy reference book. (Upgrade any time.)

They are passionate about healthy living and – let’s be honest here – do not love cleaning, but it’s an inescapable part of life. They’d rather complete cleaning chores without trashing the planet, and without being exposed to neurotoxins, carcinogens, or hormone disrupters. (So picky, right?!) So, together, they spent years diligently developing and fine-tuning nontoxic planet-friendly recipes and tricks for their families to safely use.

“Using toxic chemicals to clean your home is not only dangerous, but also unnecessary to get the job done.”

“Our book is about green cleaning minus the greenwashing B.S. So let’s call ourselves out on where we fall short. Other than going foraging for English ivy to make homemade soap, making your own kombucha vinegar, using spent coffee grounds to remove odors, or collecting ash from a firepit to clean clothes, NO product is going to have a carbon neutral footprint. Not all the ingredients shared here are completely “green”, but perfection isn’t our goal. Our goal is to be educated about the negative ecological impact we have and to minimize it by making way better choices for the planet and our health, and getting creative in the process.”

Look Inside!

This book is in PDF format.

Want to learn about our Green Cleaning video course?

When you buy our 2 hour video course, the Green Cleaning ebook is automatically included. The course is full of video lessons and tutorials to help you clean every nook and cranny of your home. Click to check out the syllabus and watch the course trailer.

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