Growing Sprouts & Microgreens

It’s not about the food in your life. It’s about the life in your food!

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Growing Sprouts & Microgreens

It’s not about the food in your life. It’s about the life in your food!

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The colder months of the year are the perfect time to tend to your bountiful indoor garden full of fresh nutritious food. 

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But it’s not easy:

Trying to grow sunflower microgreens: Am I overwatering? What in the world is soil-less soil?

Soaking your radish seeds overnight: Why aren’t my seeds germinating?

Testing new seed varieties: Why do these gelatinous seeds stick to everything? Is that mold or roots?

You know what you want:


You want step-by-step instructions to grow your own sprouts & microgreens indoors, and confidently troubleshoot funky smells and pests.


You want to harvest a bounty of baby greens at an affordable price, even in the middle of winter. 


You want to add protein-packed enzyme-full nutrient-rich living food to your daily meals.

Welcome to the Sprouts & Microgreens Course!

In the Sprouts & Microgreens Course, you’ll learn to harvest vibrant microgreens by your windowsill on a cold winter day, and snack on crunchy homegrown sprouts by the lake in the summer. With our sprouting routine, you’ll incorporate sprouted leafy greens, beans, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds in your homemade meals, in an abundance of tastes and textures!

“Wow, this class is fantastic. Highly recommend. Everything about it was GREAT!!!” – Ally L., student

Imagine whipping up batches of sprouted hummus and sprouted bread for your family picnics, or preparing fancy pants microgreen spring rolls for game night!

It’s time to level up your health & vitality with raw living foods!


Permacrafters Student

Silvana has come to enjoy the pleasure of growing her own sprouts & microgreens even with a hectic schedule. She appreciates incorporating healthy & nutritious food into her diet. She appreciates our friendly & genuine teaching approach, which she states is “fundamentally what makes this an incredible course”.

The Sprouts & Microgreens course is here to guide you every step of your way.

Sprouts & Microgreens Course Curriculum

When you give yourself the gift of rich nutrition growing right in your kitchen by signing up for the Sprouting Course, you’ll get lifetime access to this training:

sprouts & microgreen

Module 1: What are sprouts & microgreens?

What is the difference between sprouts & microgreens? What are their needs? 

Module 2: Benefits of growing sprouts & microgreens

From removing toxins, to nutritional value, easing digestion, and affordability, we review all the benefits of growing sprouts and microgreens at home.

Module 3: Safety precautions

Proper seed selection, stomach sensitivity considerations, and safe food handling practices are important aspects of consuming these greens safely.

sprouts & microgreens

Module 4: The 5 groups of sprouts & microgreens

There are all kinds of sprouts & microgreens, from leafy greens to beans, grains, seeds and nuts. We’ve classified them so you can easily navigate them for a balanced nutrition.

sprouts and microgreens

Module 5: Seed selection & storage

How can you safely and affordably choose seeds for sprouting or growing microgreens? What conditions must they be stored in?

Module 7: Supplies list for sprouting

Module 6: Supplies list for sprouting

Familiarize yourself with your sprouting supplies checklist and learn about the pros and cons of the jar sprouter, the hemp bag, the Easy Sprout sprouter and the tray sprouter.  

sprouts and microgreens

Module 7: Step-by-step sprouting instructions

This module covers detailed step-by-step instructions for growing sprouts, harvesting them and storing them. We show you close-up how to complete each step.

Module 8: Exception sprouts

How do you grow gelatinous seeds, like chia, flaxseeds, arugula or cress? How are large sprouted nuts meant to be stored?

sprouts and microgreens

Module 9: Supplies list for microgreens

This module covers all the supplies you will need to grow microgreens. We look at options for recycling containers and help you navigate soil types and fertilizers.

sprouts and microgreens

Module 10: Step-by-step microgreens instructions

We share our time-saving growing techniques and walk you through the step-by-step instructions for growing microgreens successfully with soil or hydroponically.

Module 11: Harvesting & storing microgreens

We share harvesting tips to eat microgreens at peak nutritional value and walk you through proper storage methods for your greens.

sprouts and microgreens

Module 12: Troubleshooting sprouts & microgreens

Moldy sprouts? Fruit fly problem? Yellow leaves? Wilting greens? We review common problems and troubleshooting methods for a successful indoor garden.

sprouts and microgreens

Module 13: Weekly sprouting schedule

Follow this easy weekly schedule to grow a balanced variety of sprouts and microgreens and eat 1 cup of greens per day from the 5 different groups of plants.

Module 14: Living Foods Recipes

Learn how to incorporate sprouted leafy greens, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds in your homemade meals and drinks, like essene bread, sprouted hummus, and much more!

The Sprouts & Microgreens Course also includes:


Each module ends in a quiz to ensure you grasp the key takeaways. 


Our course comes with a gorgeously designed ebook with conveninent checklists, printable guidelines & instructions, printable labels and your weekly sprouting schedule. Over 80 pages of step-by-step guidance to get you growing nutrient-rich plants within days. 

Sprouts & Microgreens Book Cover
Sprouts & Microgreens
Sprouts & Microgreens
Sprouts & Microgreens
Sprouts & Microgreens

You’ll also be invited to:

Our Student Forum

One of the perks of the Sprouts & Microgreens Course is being able to have a platform to celebrate your sprouting successes! The forum is also a place to ask questions and get support from our team. 

You can buy sprouts & microgreens at the grocery store. But they often come wrapped in mounds of plastic, are grossly overpriced, and have already lost much of their nutritional value. The Sprouts & Microgreens course empowers you to easily grow your own food and access the absolute freshest greens year-round in your own home. 

Live Lesson Sample: The Health Benefits of Sprouts & Microgreens

The Sprouts & Microgreens Course is all about making sprouting second nature and a joyful part of your health routine. 

Click below to join the Course and learn about the many sprouts & microgreen varieties you’ll be savouring. 

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“Guess what we have 3 times a day! SPROUTS!! We’re enjoying the sprouts observation and Peppi forgets about her spoon and grabs the sprouts in huge handfuls! I guess her body requires the sprouts. Thanks so much for being on our health team!” Yulia Christensen, student

40+ Zero Waste Gift Ideas that Aren’t Stuff

“This was an absolutely fantastic class. Simply put and straightforward in terms of the content. And Christelle’s energy is so infectious that I just can’t wait to get started!” – Mira P.

40+ Zero Waste Gift Ideas that Aren’t Stuff

“Just finished this course & really happy I did it. I knew of the nutritional content & quality of both sprouting & eating micro greens but had never tried it. I feel like I have the confidence & knowledge now to start & to succeed. GREAT LESSON! :-)” – Tai K.

Meet Your Instructor:

A proper introduction is long overdue. 

Hi, I’m Christelle!

Environmentalist • Forager • Sprout Lover

“I’m a Swiss environmental expert with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and an M.A. in Natural Resources, with 10 years of experience in botany. I’ve been a sprouts fanatic and raw foods enthusiast since 2009 when I spent 3 weeks on a fully raw, plant-based, 80% sprouts diet. During that period, I experienced changes in my physical health, specifically in terms of renewed vitality, my skin clearing up, and better digestion. I also experienced breakthroughs in my mental health in terms of finally feeling at peace with food, and a restored sense of serenity in my life. These physical and mental health changes convinced me to continue incorporating a high volume of raw foods, sprouts, and microgreens into my meals well over a decade later. I’m excited to share about these powerful baby plants bursting with nutrients in our Sprouts & Microgreens course.”  

Eco-Citizen School

The Sprouts & Microgreens Course is perfect for you if you want to:

Start an indoor garden to grow fresh food year-round

Level up your health with plants that are packed with nutrients

Eat a huge variety of plants within days of starting the growing process

Explore delicious raw food recipes filled with vibrant colors

40+ Zero Waste Gift Ideas that Aren’t Stuff

“I enjoyed the sprouting course and I would whole-heartedly recommend it. Cristina and Christelle did a great job educating us about different sprouting techniques while also sharing their own tips. They certainly have a strong understanding of these topics and I felt like I learned a lot without feeling that I am studying—the atmosphere was very friendly and fun. I also felt that the course was planned out well and they shared the materials of the course that we can use later if we forget something. Overall, I loved the course!” – Olga K.

40+ Zero Waste Gift Ideas that Aren’t Stuff

“Really enjoyed this class. I’ve just started sprouting and also want to get into microgreens, so it was helpful that this covers both. I also really appreciated the sprouting schedule as that is something that I don’t quite have a handle on.” – Rebecca L.

Eco-Citizen School

“Permacrafters is an incredible organization; Christelle and Cristina are such fun and engaging teachers, and really encouraged me to learn new skills and new ways of looking at the world! Thank you for providing such an informative and eco-friendly platform!” – Karishma M.

Eco-Citizen School

“I took the Sprouts & Microgreens workshop out of curiosity – I had heard about the amazing benefits of eating sprouted grains/seeds but knew very little beyond that and so I was very excited when I heard about this workshop that not only teaches us about why sprouts/microgreens are so great but actually teaches us how to grow them! I also lack a green thumb and was worried that growing them myself would be too difficult or time-consuming, but Cristina and Christelle took us step-by-step through their tried-and-tested methods which was so much more doable than I expected! You can really tell they live what they teach – they showed us multiple ways to grow them depending on how much we wanted to invest and taught us lots of great hacks they have discovered in growing their own. These gals have really mastered bringing permaculture to the average person – they’ve made it accessible and easy for newcomers like me! I love growing sprouts and microgreens and adding them into my daily meals. I would absolutely recommend this workshop (and Permacrafters more generally!) to anyone looking to learn more about ways to live more sustainably and eat healthier!” – kendal S.

Growing Sprouts & Microgreens

It’s not the food in your life. It’s the life in your food!

Lifetime access to the course

80+ page workbook, illustrated

60 mins of video tutorials

Review questions

Access to an exclusive student forum

Access to workshop updates



Our offer includes lifetime access the the course content, course updates, our ebook, quizzes, and the student forum.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course for?

How does FOREVER sound? It’s yours to keep as long as the internet exists!

How much should I budget for materials?

We encourage you to recycle items you already have at home to make sprouting jars, growing containers, and drip trays. For sprouting, you will need to purchase seeds (about $7-$10 per ¼ lb) and a sprouting lid (as cheap as $6 for 4 lids) or cheesecloth (around $3 per pack). For growing microgreens, you will need to purchase seeds (about $7-$10 per ¼ lb) and soil (around $8 for 8qt). Sprouting and growing microgreens at home is much cheaper than buying sprouts and microgreens from the grocery store.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

All sales are final (unless you accidentally purchased the course multiple times). We are a mission-based business that offers accessible pricing, therefore our profit margins are low. In the digital content world, where courses are immediately downloadable, there’s unfortunately a high prominence of content theft through illegitimate refund requests. Our two-person team can’t allocate the time required to keep up with this regrettable trend. 

However, we want to assure you that if there are any updates you wish to see to the course, we will immediately seek to make these improvements. Do not hesitate to ask, because we create new content every week and are constantly updating our courses and adding new video lessons.

To give you further peace of mind, we offer exchanges. We are so confident that you will love the Sprouts & Microgreens Course, that if by day 7 you aren’t delighted, you can exchange the course for any of our other eco-classes of equal value (Secondhand Living, Zero Waste Menstruation, Environmental Activism, Composting, Conscious Cleaning, Intro to Zero Waste Living). These courses have received hundreds of glowing reviews. 

Are the food recipes plant based?

Yup, no animal products. 

Still have more questions? Send us a message & we will respond straight away!


2 + 4 =

You have what it takes to grow your own food indoors. 

You just need some straightforward guidance to move past hesitation and get into a good routine.

By this time next week, you could be eating grocery-store lettuce wilting in its plastic bag.

Or you can sign up for the Sprouting Course and serve up a tasty homemade radish & alfalfa sprouts wrap for brunch. 

Sprouts & Microgreens – Free Course Sample

Want to get a feel for the style of the course & check out our teaching platform? Sign up for a free sample of the sprouts & microgreens class! You’ll also be added to our newsletter to get our latest video tutorials.