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Less Doom Scrolling. More Nature Strolling. 

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Eco-Citizen School

Less Doom Scrolling. More Nature Strolling.

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Building eco-skills should be a joyful journey towards sustainability. Save yourself the guilt trip over your plastic chips bag. 

Environmental Activism

But it’s not easy:

You called yourself a gardener for a hot minute… before killing all your seedlings

You made your own green cleaning detergent… only to find out it’s actually toxic and makes your clothes smell musty.

You want to enact systemic-level changes… but draw embarrassing blanks when challenged about environmental science. 

You know what you want:



Reasonable, practical, simple things you can do to live more independently & sustainably.


When your uncle shoots you his skeptical look about your herbal tincture, you can have an open conversation – complete with scientific references! – without resorting to a squabble.



You can’t do all the things to help the planet. But you want support for the solutions you most want to implement. Whether organizing a campaign or learning to forage is next on your list, you want to make sure you won’t waste your efforts or (heaven forbid!) poison yourself.  


You want to make meaningful, lasting changes at home for your health & the planet. And you want the tools to scale up your positive actions within your community to start a ripple effect.

Welcome to The Eco-Citizen School!
“The Permacrafters Eco-Citizen School is my favorite resource for learning about how to make this lifestyle work. And yes, I’m also here for the humor.” – Allison K., student

The Eco-Citizen School is for practical action-takers who thrive on really clear, show-me-how guidance.  

We got you! Get ready to trade Netflix for a nature-fix and grab your B.S. detector. The Eco-Citizen School is the ultimate guide to building resilience skills for greater autonomy. 

In the Eco-Citizen School, we’re too busy making safe DIY products to worry about anyone mispronouncing toxic chemicals like phthalates. This is a guilt-free place to get real answers about what you can do to live a more eco-friendly & healthy life for you, your loved ones, and the planet. It offers different levels of action so you can take steps as big or as small as you like.

You’ve been genuinely wishing to make a positive change – outside of your ever-growing plant collection! You want to turn your happy hour vodka into an herbal remedy, harvest wild weeds to turn them into a delicious pesto, and be that knows-their-stuff-action-taker!

Honey, it’s time to make that fabulous pimple paste, ferment that sexy harvest, and launch that bold, clean water campaign!  

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The Eco-Citizen School is here to guide you every step of your way. 



Gilly has found her village at the Eco-Citizen School; a place to go when she feels overwhelmed. She enrolled as a commitment to herself to become a more active member of society. Taking action has been so much easier for her with our selection of tailored courses and practical advice just one click away. Check out her interview now.



Caro has been on a sustainability journey, moving towards reducing waste not only in her personal life, but also in her art business where she now uses eco-friendly art supplies. With the Eco-Citizen School, she’s been making her own products with sustainable ingredients, learning about greenwashing, about environmental justice, and much more. Watch her video here.




Kelly is a mom to two tots. She’s so appreciative as a mother that the Eco-Citizen School is designed to get you started immediately, without swallowing up all your time. She’s been swapping out toxins from her household and switching to safe DIY cleaning products. She loves that the courses cover everything you would want to know and more. Watch her interview now.

Eco-Citizen School Curriculum

When you give yourself (and the planet!) a huge gift by signing up for The Eco-Citizen School, you’ll get lifetime access to this training:

Course 1: Intro To Zero Waste Living
Get started on the right foot! Your introduction course will ensure you know how (and where) to find everything you need as well as cover the foundations of Zero Waste Living.

Modules Include:

  • The Art of Refusing Stuff You Don’t Need
  • Busting Myths about Recycling
  • Composting Basics

Examples of what we’ll cover in this course:

  • What people mean when they say they’re “Zero Waste” and what it means in your life
  • The 5 Rs of Zero Waste (and yes, order *does* matter!)
  • Good news; Perfection isn’t the goal! Tips and tricks to find ways to reduce waste that work in your life (hello, easy-does-it composting!)
Course 2: Conscious Cleaning 101
Even if cleaning isn’t your favorite activity (and we’re totally with you!) you still want to have a non-toxic way to get it done right! In this course, we’ve packed 100+ recipes and how tos that get every room in your home clean without dirtying the planet.

Modules Include:

  • The Toxic Chemicals Problem
  • Safe & Green Cleaning Ingredients
  • Eco-friendly Cleaning Gear
  • DIY Cleaning Recipes & Tricks for Your Entire House
  • Bonus: Foraging for Plants that Clean

Examples of what we’ll cover in this course:

  • How to detect dangerous substances hiding in your cleaners and easy ways to spot greenwashing
  • The Cleaning Essentials List so you have the basic (EASY) recipes on hand to keep your home safe, toxic-free, and clean
  • Escape toxic cleaners, enjoy a clean home (and planet), and save money! Yes, please!
Course 3: Zero Waste Body Care & Cosmetics
All you want is gorgeous hair, skin, and makeup without trashing the planet or being exposed to toxic chemicals. The glow without the gross! This course is all our best eco-friendly tips & 50+ top recipes to let your inner (and outer) goddess shine.

Modules Include:

  • Safe & Sustainable Ingredients
  • Face Care
  • Body Care
  • Hair Care
  • Dental Care
  • Makeup and Nail Polish
  • Herbal Treatments for Skin Problems

Examples of what we’ll cover in this course:

  • How to get that healthy glow without using toxic goo – so not sexy!
  • When and how to use something as simple as chamomile to give you healthy skin
  • How to keep your hair clean & green from alternatives we love to no “poo” at all!
Course 4: Zero Waste Menstruation
You *can* menstruate without waste. Period. (See what we did there?) Changing up your menstruation routine might feel a little like middle school all over again, but we’re here to walk you through Every. Single. Detail: How do I remove my cup without it hurting like a $&^# (or looking like a crime scene)? Is this hand-knit alpaca-wool tampon in the shape of a rocket safe for me to use?! And more; No question left unasked!

Modules Include:

  • Health Risks & Environmental Pollution of Sanitary Products
  • Choosing Cloth Pads 
  • Pick Your Period Underwear
  • Select The Right Menstrual Cup
  • DIY Cloth Pads
  • The Free-Flow Instinct 

Examples of what we’ll cover in this course: 

  • When “plastic free” is not plastic-free (and what you can do about it)
  • Which alternatives really work and how to master them all while saving big bucks!
  • What causes painful cramps and natural remedies to feel better 
Course 5: Herbal Remedies for Common Ailments
Want to address your problems instead of masking them? You’re going to love creating your own herbal medicine to care for your body and the Earth.

Modules Include:

  • Intro to Herbal Medicine Making
  • Extracting Active Molecules with Solvents
  • Secondary Metabolites & their Medicinal Properties
  • Alcohol & Vinegar Tincture-Making
  • Medicinal Teas & Syrups
  • Homemade Poultices, Compresses, and Salves

Examples of what we’ll cover in this course:

  • How to extract the medicinal goodness from plants and fit alternative medicines safely into your environmentally conscious life
  • Different types of home medicine to treat ailments such as coughs, colds, aches & pain, indigestion, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and skin issues
  • How Fire Cider can help you stay healthy (and our own recipe that we love!)
Course 6: Growing Sprouts & Microgreens at Home
Brown thumb? No worries. We’ll show you how to grow so many microgreens you’ll have to share them with your neighbor. (And redeem yourself for killing your last houseplant).

Modules Include:

  • Get To Know Your Green Friends
  • All About Seeds
  • How to Grow Sprouts
  • Growing Microgreens
  • Troubleshooting
  • Raw Sprouts & Microgreens Recipes 
  • Plus Bonus Videos

Examples of what we’ll cover in this course:

  • Exact steps to grow sprouts and microgreens as well as troubleshooting in case you don’t have a green thumb
  • Our secret formula for perfect soil that helps ensure you don’t over – or under – water your greens
  • Our delicious recipes for your sprouts and microgreens plus how to do it affordably (even in the winter!). Get ready for sprouted bread and hummus – two of our favorites!
Course 7: Secondhand Living
Everything you need to know to thrive off the waste stream from the lingo (like, what’s the waste stream?) to money-saving hacks, to the tricks those in-the-know use to get exactly what they need. From secondhand food (beyond dumpster diving!), to secondhand cars, to item-sharing projects, this course is full of creative, secondhand eco-solutions.

Modules Include:

  • The Dos and Don’ts Of Secondhand Living
  • Green Ways to Get Rid of Your Stuff
  • How to Repair Broken Items
  • 15 Categories of Items To Get Secondhand

Examples of what we’ll cover in this course:

  • When you don’t want to go with secondhand and how to go from thrifting to thriving
  • The best places to find your secondhand treasures and how to do it safely
  • The mistakes you definitely want to avoid and how to get creative about repairing, resharing, and trading
Course 8: Environmental Activism
There are So. Many. Ways to be an environmental activist. We’ll discuss finding a way to do it that brings you (and the planet!) peace and hope.

Modules Include:

  • Ecological Challenges
  • Personal Lifestyle Changes
  • Eco-Conscious Finance
  • Forms of Activism
  • Civil Disobedience
  • Campaigning: How to Build a Movement
  • Mental Health
  • Interviews with Environmental Activists

Examples of what we’ll cover in this course:

  • Why being an “environmental activist” isn’t a dirty word and how to find a way to help that speaks to you
  • How to identify, address, and cope with the roller coaster of emotions that come with being a part of our world
  • 20 interviews with different activists to inspire and encourage you to find a method that works for you
Course 9: Foraging Edible & Medicinal Plants
Taste a wild plant without calling the poison hotline! Learn to identify 25+ edible & medicinal plants BEYOND doubt and become a badass botany baby who serves up tasty wild pancakes for brunch!

Modules Include:

  • Foraging Safety Rules & Botany Basics
  • Plants to Forage for Anxiety & Stress
  • Wild Garlic Pesto
  • Purple Dead Nettle Tofu Scramble
  • Immunity-Boosting Elderberry Syrup 
  • Stinging Nettles Bar Shampoo

Examples of what we’ll cover in this course:

  • Different types of foraged plant recipes such as wild hummus, tabbouleh, lentil spread, vinegar, tofu scramble, plant milk, fritters, and pestos.
  • The medicinal properties of foraged plants and how to make remedies such as oils, syrups, and teas.  
  • How to craft with wild plants to dye clothing or to make shampoo bars, detergents and art pieces. 
The Eco-Citizen School enrollment also includes:


Each module ends in a quiz to ensure you grasp the key takeaways. Think of it as your bestie sharing her lecture notes. So don’t worry – you’ll get relief from the daily grind!

Time Saving Objective Sheets

 Each course is neatly divided into sub-topics. If you’re short on time, your Time Saving Objective Sheet will help you determine which lesson to focus on to quickly get the answers you need.


Caring about the planet is about talking the talk and walking the walk. Each course comes with its own bonus eBook full of recipes and cheat sheets to help guide you on your eco-journey. Over 1,800 pages of tips, ideas, and step-by-step help to find the perfect-for-you way to be an eco-changemaker. Your bonus eBooks include:

Zero Waste Living Ebook

Intro To Zero Waste Living

Introduction to the art of reducing your trash and getting to know the 5Rs.

Green Cleaning Book

Conscious Cleaning 101

 The safe, non-toxic recipes you need to clean without the greenwashing B.S.

Zero Waste Body Care & Cosmetics

Zero Waste Body Care and Cosmetics

Safe ingredients you can use for a clean, nourished body and recipes for fantastic, DIY cosmetics.

Zero Waste Period

Zero Waste Menstruation

All the best information and resources you need to take your flow lower waste.

Herbal Remedies Ebook

Herbal Remedies for Common Ailments

Recipes you need to transform your medicine cabinet into a planet-friendly, soothing apothecary filled with your own herbal remedies.

Sprouts & Microgreens Book Cover

Growing Sprouts and Microgreens at Home

The step-by-step guide, tips, and recipes you need to grow your own greens and whip up delicious food.

Secondhand Living

Secondhand Living

Your ultimate resource to thrive off the waste stream, filled with our best tips, dos & don’ts.

Environmental Activism

Environmental Activism

The strategies and how-tos you need to be a changemaker in your community.

Environmental Activism

Foraging Edible & Medicinal Plants

Identify wild plants beyond doubt and incorporate them into your meals.

VIP Access

When you join The Eco-Citizen School, you’ll be first in line for course updates so you can keep expanding your planet-loving practical skills.

You’ll also be invited to:

Our Student Forum

One of the best perks of The Eco-Citizen School is meeting all the fiery, awesome souls that sign up to create a healthier planet. Share your questions and successes while getting answers and ideas on how to green your own life!

There are other eco-living classes online. But our comprehensive vault of professional courses gives you unprecedented access in one place to a massive variety of self-sufficiency skills to live independently and sustainably. The Eco-Citizen School is specifically designed to allow you to dip your toe or cannonball into whichever sustainable living topic lights you up. 

We may joke around about poisoning your friends with foraged plants, but we’re drop dead serious about giving you scientifically accurate information in short, to-the-point lessons so you don’t have to fast forward to find what you need.

We cover a broad scope of homesteading and advocacy topics for you to reduce your impact on the planet and build your resilience in whatever way works best for you. 

The Eco-Citizen School is all about helping you find your way to step up for your health and for the planet – minus the guilt-trip. 

Click below to join the Eco-Citizen School and create a joyful way to live more sustainably. 

Zero Waste School

“The Eco-Citizen School has inspired so many positive changes in my life. Even with a hectic and busy schedule I’ve come to enjoy the pleasure of growing my own sprouts and microgreens, composting my food scraps, and making some of my cleaning products. But most important, its lessons have taught me the relevance and significance behind those changes, turning them into sustainable commitments.” – Silvana F

Zero Waste School

I’ve been dabbling in herbalism, and the menstrual cramp pain reliever is the latest in a long line of plant medicines I’ve learned how to make and enjoy. Eight months of taking it and not a single day spent in debilitating period agony! You have no idea how much it’s helped my cramps. MAGIC. Super ultra grateful for the wise women at Permacrafters for infusing so much love into this fantastic resource. The Permacrafters Eco-Citizen School is my favorite resource for learning about how to make this lifestyle work. I find myself referring back to their videos + ebooks all the time. Their hands-on approach goes way beyond the ordinary tutorial, and the practical applications for all the DIYs are endless. I’ve found myself wanting to make everything they demonstrate — and inspired to use my new knowledge in other ways too! And yes, I’m also here for the humor.” – Allison K

The Eco-Citizen School is perfect for you if you want to:

Do more for the Earth without crumbling in shame over your shampoo bottle

Whip up a foraged herbal pâté without worrying you’re about to poison your friends

Kindly and confidently address your in-laws next time they go on a “pollution hoax” rant

Dig your fingers in the soil and soak up the magic of nature that’s worth fighting for

Meet Your Instructors:

A proper introduction is long overdue. We are Christelle & Cristina and we are the Permacrafters. Watch our story here:

Hi, I’m Christelle!

Traveler • Jokester • Treehugger

Christelle Siohan is a bubbly environmental educator and permaculture instructor who infuses optimism in her classes and laughs at her own jokes. Originally from Geneva, Switzerland, her studies and career have focused on environmental protection. She holds a BA in Environmental Studies, an MA in Natural Resources & Sustainable Development. She has worked for environmental nonprofits including the United Nations Environment Program, Greenpeace, World Wild Fund for Nature, OneAction, and the Eco-Institute. She’s multilingual, a mama (or “Permamacita”), a beekeeper, and a foraging enthusiast with an insatiable curiosity for life.

Eco-Citizen School
Eco-Citizen School

Hi I’m Cristina!

Explorer • Lover • Crafter

Cristina Rojas is an outgoing Peruvian entrepreneur who loves meeting new people, exploring her surroundings, growing sprouts at home, doing pottery, and creating recipes from scratch. After completing two permaculture courses (Permaculture Design Certificate and Permaculture Foundations Course) at The Eco-Institute, she decided to have a career change to focus on environmental protection. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA), specialized in retail management and business ethics. She leads the web-design, marketing, and crafting projects.

Eco-Citizen School

“I’ve been blessed to have the green cleaning course. It has changed my life, and I mean that for a lot of reasons. One is the fact that I have Lyme’s disease, so smelling toxic chemicals in cleaners that I used in the past at home made me very very sick. To come across this course to be able to make my own products makes me feel great and healthier. I can breathe well and I don’t have a problem cleaning my home. The products I now make work; they really really work! I was skeptical of that because I’m kind of a clean freak. This course has given me so many ideas, so many recipes, it’s helped me think outside the box. It’s opened my awareness to the topic of environmental safety and friendliness that I can’t thank the girls enough – Cristina & Christelle – for coming up with a masterpiece of green cleaning course and Eco-Citizen School. This class is so informative. It’s so user friendly, upbeat. They’ve gone above and beyond. I will never go back.”- Shannan S

Eco-Citizen School

“Kudos… Nicely done.. Definitely made an impact on me and now I’m on a new mission.. To find green banks in Asia where I’m based… Thanks for taking this initiative.. More power to you” – Arch B

Zero Waste School

“Taking Permacrafters’ zero waste period class completely blew my mind. Having always been interested in period poverty, I was looking for simple, quick and effective solutions. This class inspired me to start my own sustainable line of reusable pads to provide to under-resourced populations in rural Peru. Permacrafters have taught me so much in just one course, and I really appreciate how involved they are with their students. Answering questions and concerns at all times, I really felt like I was talking to friends.” – Thais R

Eco-Citizen School

“This course is an absolutely amazing find. I must mirror another reviewer’s comment and agree that I have also never learned as much about periods in the 2 hours I spent with you compared to the past 26 years (here’s a higher year quota for you!). Your e-books were also absolutely fantastic. The editing was well-paced, and your videos were sweet and well-designed. It was a joy to do your course – please keep going!” – Vanessa H

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Time Saving Objectives Sheets


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For about the price of a bus ticket a day, you don’t have to stand in front of the fridge wondering if that weird mold in your fermentation jar should just be scraped off or if it could end you. You’ll have ‘round the clock access to clarity and reassurance as you journey down your path towards sustainability.   

Frequently Asked Questions
I don’t want to be one of those “Chain myself to a building” protestors but I *do* want to do my part for the planet. Will I fit in at The Eco-Citizen School?
Yes! There are changemakers of all kinds. We have the utmost respect for activists that organize protests – we need them! We also need activists at home doing their part to live greener lives in whatever way feels right to them. When you attend lessons with The Eco-Citizen School, we’ll cover lots of different ways you can make greener choices that fit (and stretch!) your comfort level. 


Do I have to follow the courses in order?
Not at all – you can dive right into whichever lesson speaks to you. At the same time, we find students who follow along the planned schedule tend to have an easier time staying on track. 

It also helps you stay involved with the online community and discussion topics. We will prompt you every couple of months to begin and complete the scheduled courses.

Will I have immediate access to all the classes?
Yes – when you pay in full, you’ll get instant access to all 8 courses. We’ll still prompt you to begin these courses on schedule so you’ll know what other students are studying and when. 

Should you choose to pay monthly, content will be made available seasonally.

Can I watch the courses on any device?
The video courses can be viewed on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.
How long do I have access to the courses for?
Break out the kombucha – the answer is: “Forever!” Once you’ve paid in full, the courses are yours to keep for life. And that includes any futures lessons we add! Happy dance!
Are the recipes plant-based?
The majority of the recipes and remedies are indeed plant-based. Just be sure when foraging to let your flower heads sit out a while before you eat them or you might chomp on an unsuspecting critter!

The only two animal products that are sparingly used are beeswax and honey from local beekeepers. As a former beekeeper, it’s critical that we purchase bee products only from ethical sources we trust. The honey collected was surplus honey, and the beeswax is from abandoned hives which in no way impacts the bees.

What are my teacher’s qualifications?
Christelle Siohan, a Swiss-Franco-American, is the lead instructor of The Eco-Citizen School. She holds a BA in Environmental Studies from Connecticut College and an MA in Natural Resources Management & Sustainable Development from the United Nations University for Peace.

She has studied tropical and temperate forests in New Zealand and Australia. She graduated from the Permaculture School in Asheville where she received her Permaculture Design Certificate. She became a beekeeper with the Orange County, NC, Bee School. She has studied foraging, herbalism, and botany in North Carolina and Connecticut, where she received the Betty Flanders Thompson prize for excellence in botany.

From her early childhood, she volunteered for environmental nonprofits in various capacities. Later on, she worked in environmental organizations including Greenpeace, the United Nations Environment Program, and the World Wildlife Fund. She led tropical reforestation program in Ecuador with OneAction. She’s been an environmental educator in Florida public schools, in Costa Rica at the Monteverde Institute, in Swiss and French schools, at the Eco-Institute in North Carolina, and now at Permacrafters.

What future courses do you intend on creating?
We are very excited about the future of the Eco-Citizen School. Our upcoming composting and fermentation courses are already well on their way. We have already created video lessons on worm composting, balcony composting, kombucha-brewing, meade-making, making lacto-fermented pickles, and so on. We may also decide to develop classes or short video lessons on permaculture, biodiversity, growing mushrooms, identifying wild mushrooms, beekeeping, and gardening. 
Do you offer refunds?

All sales are final (unless you accidentally purchased the program multiple times). We are a mission-based business that offers accessible pricing, therefore our profit margins are low. In the digital content world, where courses are immediately downloadable, there’s unfortunately a high prominence of content theft through illegitimate refund requests. Our two-person team can’t allocate the time required to keep up with this regrettable trend. 

However, we want to assure you that if there are any updates you wish to see to the courses or any additional modules, we will immediately seek to make these improvements. Do not hesitate to ask, because we create new content every week and are constantly updating our courses and adding new video lessons. Read more in our Terms of Use.

Still have a question? Send us a message and we will reply straight away.

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You have what it takes to build new sets of skills and even to stretch your comfort zone.

You just need some practical, loving guidance. 

This time next year, you could be overwhelmed with more environmental doom & gloom. 

Or you can sign up for the Eco-Citizen School and serve up tasty sprouted bread for your new clean-up club!

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